Hong Kong Christian Service
Pario Kindergarten (Shatin)

Our school building is decorated with natural colors, allowing children to learn and live in surroundings with a soft and harmonious color scheme. Environmental protection education has been introduced to both the campus environment and our teaching curriculum, encouraging children to experience the close ties between nature and human life, and to develop a green way of life from an early age.

We have a separate individual Montessori classroom where children can enjoy a caring and harmonious relationship with their peers in a mixed-age learning group. They are free to complete various tasks according to their own pace, interests and abilities, and enjoy the process of learning. We aim to cultivate their sense of autonomy, self-discipline and responsibility to better prepare them for future challenges.

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Compliments from Parents
Tsz Yau’s mother
“I really appreciate the teacher’s patience, love and kindness, and I’m delighted that my daughter is so happy at school.”
Nga Yung’s mother
“I appreciate the different online activities the school offered during the period when children had to learn at home, especially the games for improving the concentration power of the senior class students. Parents also learned how to achieve this through participation in the games.”
Hoi Yuet’s mother
“Thanks to the care and teaching of the principal and teachers, the children are blessed with a happy and fulfilling childhood.”
Sum Wan’s mother
“I would like to thank the teachers for their dedication toward teaching and always encouraging the children to enjoy their school lives.”
Additional Resources
– School environment and resources:

(1) Our school was granted $2,000 for maintaining green areas and green activities under the “Greening School Subsidy Scheme 2020/21”.

(2) Our school was granted $109,994 from the “JC Kindergarten Digital Capacity Enhancement Scheme” for purchasing electronic digital devices and computer software to help us make good use of electronic channels to support children’s learning and development in the new norm of education.

(3) Our school was granted $20,000 from the EDB under the “Website Enhancement Grant” to help us improve our school’s website.


– Support during the Covid-19 pandemic:

(1) Our school received a donation of “Jockey Club Interactive Wonder Box Set 1 and 2” from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust for children aged 3-6. These helped support our children during the home-learning period and enhanced their parent-child relationships amid the global pandemic.

(2) Our school participated in the EDB’s “Do It Yourself (DIY) Handicraft and Learning Package Scheme” and received a grant of $80,000 to design games and create materials for children aged 3-6 to support their continuous learning.

(3) Our school was granted $15,400 from the EDB’s “Gift Book Scheme” to purchase books for each child aged 3-6 to encourage them to read at home and develop their interest in reading.

(4) Our school participated in the Hong Kong Broadband Network’s “ConnectED @ Home Programme” and successfully applied for tablets, data cards and Wi-Fi modems for low-income families to support children’s home learning.


– Support for non-Chinese speaking students:

(1) Our school spent the $198,960 grant from the EBD’s “Grant for Support to NCS Students” on hiring teaching staff, purchasing school and teaching materials, equipment and children’s books.


Language education:

(1) Our school has continued to participate in the “Dream Reading Program” hosted by the Hong Kong Creative Learning Association (HKCLA) to provide children with personalized books, promote reading and encourage children from grassroots families to pursue their dreams.

(2) Our school used $15,105 under the EDB’s “Promotion of Reading Grant for Kindergartens” to purchase books, organize parent seminars and promote reading activities.